How to Prepare for
Private Training

By completing the 3 sections below, you will be better prepared for our session and get more out of it.

Step 1: Complete the Client Form

Please complete this form if your dog is 6 months or older. This provides some specific details that will assist in providing a custom training plan for your dog. This may take 10-15min to complete. You may require some vet issued documents for info about your dog, i.e. DOB, last vaccination, medical issues. Be sure to push "Submit" at the end! Thank you in advance!

Step 2: What to do while you wait

(1) Provide 2 long lasting chews per day to promote settling. Chewing, sucking and licking helps to promote calming in the brain. This must be completely seperate to any other household dogs - out of visual and no access. If you can’t do this, leave it until we meet.

These could be:

  • KONG toy filled with moistened kibble and then frozen or stuff with BBQ chicken. To train the KONG first begin with dry kibble poured in.

  • Licki-mat

  • Bully stick (no rawhide)

  • Broth and kibble ice blocks (can be made in an old ice cream container)

(2) Build your dog's confidence by rewarding behaviours you like around the home. Exercise and reward Come, Sit and name recognition frequently throughout the day. Just keep some biscuits or dry treats handy for the reward. Don’t show the reward until after they do the behaviour. Say Yesss! when they do it and then present the reward. 

(3) Avoid aversive equipment and harsh reprimand. We will go over this in more detail in our initial session. If your dog is being “naughty” try ignoring the behaviour completely or redirecting them to a behaviour you prefer (such as Come or Sit) then try to reward their choice. 

(4) Consider use the Adaptil calming collar for 1-3 months. Alternatively you can trial Zylkene as an oral form to promote calming. Click the link for more info on Adaptil.

Step 3: What to bring to our meeting

Please have the following:

  • 1/4 cup of your dog’s regular food mixed with grated cheese or Ziwi Peak or something yummy +

  • 1/4 cup of cooked chicken (BBQ chook is a fave!) cut into thumbnail size pieces. 

  • A small round plastic container would be helpful to put it in, for example, a kids snack container or yogurt cup.

  • Please organise a long-lasting chew, such as, bully stick or Kong stuffed with food and frozen 

  • You may wish to refrain from feeding your dog 3 hours prior to our meeting.

  • Attempt to prevent any problem behaviours and/or stressors 2-3 days before our meeting.

  • Provide access to any training equipment, i.e. collar, leash, treats, treat pouch, toys. 


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