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Best Behaviour:
Force Free Dog Training &
Behaviour Solutions

Better Behaviour Training for the Best Results

The relationship between an animal and its owner is a unique connection. As a qualified Behaviorist and Delta accredited dog trainer, I am up to date with the most current and best practices for force-free dog training worldwide.

I specialise in training for

I can provide solutions to behaviour problems that are safe, reliable and enjoyable for you and your pet. All training is customised to suit the needs of you and your dog. My scientific techniques and modern approach have helped many pet owners train their animals. Be in touch today to begin!

Offering a training program for those seeking support when training their psychiatric assistance dog (PAD) and preparing for the Public Access Test (PAT). The program can begin with pups or can begin with older dogs entering the MindDog program.

Training a Therapy Dog

Your dog has plenty of potential to learn and understand cues, and my techniques will lay the foundation for you to build upon to work towards completing a therapy training course. I combine your needs and wants with the natural attributes of your pet to determine suitability for various therapy programs.

Problem Behaviour Consulting and Training for all ages

Behaviour consulting work involves an intimate understanding of your animal’s natural and individual history. Your pet has plenty of potential to learn and understand behaviour cues, and my techniques will lay the foundation for you to build upon. I combine your needs and wants with the natural attributes of your pet.

Training will likley begin with a 90min initial consult and assessment, followed by a series of 60min sessions.

I will design a custom force-free behaviour modifictaion training program.

I can assist you with the solutions to behaviour problems that are making life difficult for you and your dog. These could be (but are not limited to):

  • Anxiety or anxiousness

  • Reactivity towards other dogs

  • Fear-related behaviours

  • Excessive Barking

  • Destructive behaviours

  • Unsettled in the home

  • Jumping up on people

  • Separation distress

Private Training for Puppies

Designed to provide one-one tuition for desirable behaviours. These include basic obedience, loose-lead walking, recall, independence training, settling exercises, impulse control and housetraining. Sessions will likely conducted at your residence or one on my training studios.
To begin, click on the button below.

Can't make it to training? On a tight budget?
Consider Online Puppy Preschool

Follow the link below to my complementary self-guided online puppy preschool. Your first lesson will be owner orientation video followed by 5 training lessons with puppy. Best suited for pups 2-6 months. This takes you through at the foundational training behaviours, dog communication and proper socialisation.

Conditioning & Animal training

Force-free training to condition exotic or wild species for husbandry purposes or training for specific behaviour reasons.


About Your Delta Trainer

Force-free, Scientific Methods of Training

Passionate. Patient. Professional. These are just a few of the characteristics that describe me. I know each animal is different, and I’ll work with yours to give them the specific guidance they need. Whether you’re thinking about getting an animal, have a new pet, or already own a pet that needs training, I am here to help.
I began working with dogs in 2001, but my love of animals began long before that when I was a young child and began to notice animal behaviour. Over my years, I have worked with variety of domestic animals in farm, home and hunting settings. In addition, I have conducted behaviour studies on wildlife and have worked with exotic species in the zoo industry. I have been operating as a dog trainer/behaviourist on the South Coast since 2017, working in collaboration with the local vets. 
My Qualifications:
BSc, Animal Behaviour
Delta Dog Training Institute Accredited
Cert IV in Companion Animals Services
Cert III in Captive Animal Management
BTeach, Cert IV Teaching & Assessment

Approved psychiatric assistance dog trainer for MindDog
Separation Anxiety training course with Malena Dimartini
Recallers training program with Susan Garrett
Completion of the Paws Pet Therapy program


"My aim is healthy minded dogs so the entire household is happy."

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Servicing the South Coast NSW

  • Ulladulla

  • Milton

  • Burrill Lake

  • Conjola

  • Lake Tabourie

  • Bawley Point

  • Batemans Bay Area

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