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Psychiatric Assistance Dog Training

A MindDog approved force-free, Delta accredited trainer

Offering a training program for those seeking support when training their psychiatric assistance dog and preparing for the Public Access Test (PAT). The program can begin with pups or can begin with older dogs entering the MindDog program.

Program may consist of the following:

  • 1x 90min initial session and assessment.

  • 4x 60min private training sessions to cover the basics. This includes 2 in home/studio and 2 out of home/studio, at a nearby park/beach.

  • Sessions are suggested to be every fortnight or at least once per month. 

  • After the 4 basic sessions, it will be time to consider application to Mind Dog (intake is Sept/Oct or Mar/Apr). 

  • After the trainee vest has been issued, monthly sessions are recommended until the PAT test.

  • The cost for each session will be based on $100*/hr (*cost may vary depending on travel and venue).


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The process:

  1. Initial assessment with Best Behaviour

  2. Begin 4 session basics with Best Behaviour

  3. Application to Mind Dog

  4. After the application, a Mind Dog assessor will arrange to meet you and your dog for an introduction and assessment.

  5. After this your dog may receive their “trainee” vest and we will begin the process of training for the Public Access Test (PAT test). 

  6. Meet for training once per month. Sometimes in the month prior to sitting the test we may meet more frequently. 

  7. Your dog will likely attempt the PAT test 9- 18months after they receives their trainee vest.

  8. Your PAT test will need to be renewed annually.

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