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 Shih Tzu with Toys

Puppy Training Prep

Congratulations on your new puppy! It’s great you want the best start! Early proper training is so beneficial to you and your puppy. If you need help along the way, then please reach out.

New Puppy Pack prep resource

Owner Orientation

Catch up videos

Private Training


North side studio Ulladulla Anglican Church. Park in the Civic Centre car park near the library. Face the stone church and walk behind the hedge to the studio room.
Lessons are 60min in duration.

Puppy class location.png

How to prepare:

For the 4 week Polite Puppy Preschool,  puppy attends all lessons.  

Please read the New Puppy Pack. See link above.

Please try to limit trainers to max 2 people per dog. Please notify me if you plan to bring more.

Owner orientation video (see above)

Text a copy of your vaccination record or text in advance. Please add your name.

Please have the following treats:

  • ½ cup of your dog’s regular food

  • ½ cup of cooked chicken (BBQ chook is a fave!) cut into thumbnail size pieces. 

  • Extra yummy training treats. I suggest Ziwi Peak.

  • A long-lasting chew such as bully stick, dried beef tendon, or stuffed KONG with moistened kibble or chicken or something yum!

  • A favourite toy or tug

  • Doggie blanket or low-profile mat

  • A comfortable leash. No chains or retractable.

  • A flat collar or body harness (if using a harness, front attach if highly recommended). No choke chains or anything that squeezes or pinches.

  • A treat pouch/bum bag or something to out your treats in and have on your person. I highly recommend a silicon training pouch. Available for $20 in class.

  • A bag to put it all in

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